You Can Quote Me On That


Lately I have been inspired by reading quotes written by a variety of authors. I saw this little sign planted along the flowers in an awesome garden over at the coast. Diligent writers will capture thoughts, their own as well as others, to give us a glimpse of their inner being or a snap shot in time. As I contemplate what may have been the authors intent, I imagine what they experienced that prompted their particular words.

While practicing being more observant while I am out and about, I see many signs, posters, and art work with words/symbols attached in attempt to communicate or prompt a feeling, emotion or passion.It is amazing how much power is in the written word. In this day and age there are a tremendous amount of people who have found their voice, and are using it to get their independent message out to the world.

As I facilitate a weekly writers group I continually remind future authors the importance of owning their work by writing their name on it. To have the ability to claim original ownership of any writing it has to have a signature on it. Therefore when we sign our name to document, a story, a post, or even an email, then send it out for the world to see, shall we not put the extra effort out to do a good job, or do we settle for a ‘good enough’ attitude?

“Your thoughts, speech, beliefs, actions and attitudes create the picture
of your life.” “Draw it well.”                                          (Author Unknown)

I desire to be diligent as I share thoughts with the hope of adding a little more information to a very complex and colorful picture that we call life. I hope others will embrace this mind set  by remembering that our thoughts, speech, beliefs, actions and attitudes really do paint a picture for all to see.

Is it time we clean our palate and add fresh new paint? Let’s get a new canvas, perhaps even an unusual size with unique characteristics, add texture and have fun while being creative in a new light. I say to the group often, “Writers write, lets not just think about it, talk about it, or plan on starting tomorrow.”

Here is a Chinese proverb that really stuck with me, “Talking does not cook rice.” I can talk about writing all day, just as I can talk about being hungry, but action is required for both activities to be fruitful.


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