You are making history!

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Do we realize we are part of history that is in the making at this very moment? If this was a long letter, or just a few brief words, a lengthy book, or a poem written to speak to ones heart, once composed and time passes, it all becomes history in one form or another.

Gifted men and women are recognized in their time, but the truly great… after. Make history your audience.

Lance Wallnau shared these words, which in turn inspired me to take a moment and write. We are free to  spend our time in many ways, yet that which is lasting is kept in the heart and minds of others. Precious memories quickly become another part of history. Memories fade, and will never be known by another if they aren’t written down to be heard in the future.

How will our children know that which was past if there is no one to tell the stories? In a time where so many things are animated, in the form of games and entertainment, distractions demand our attention. With that, are we being careful to do our part to preserve the history as we know it?

Not all history has to be traumatic or dramatic, for we are surrounded with many gifts and talents that are displayed in beautiful ways. There are many who only think of times in history as those documented by  great achievements or horrendous events, wars and rumors of wars, famines, earthquakes, but what about all the other parts of history?

There are special times in life that can be as simple as seeing a squirrel climbing up a tree in the back yard, or watching birds on the beach as waves continually crash on the shore. Life has many beautiful gifts that we may share along the way. The simple things, as having the ability to see a grandchild smile, or watch a father teach his son how to play chess, all precious moments that quickly pass and become yet another part of history.

Can we stop and think about our story? Let us remember we also create a portion of history each day we live our lives. There will be times we have a peaceful and somewhat uneventful experience, while others may be filled with challenges, trials and temptations. Whatever the case may be, let us be determined to press forward and purposefully make our future like no other; making a history that encouraged and enlightened others now and for years to come.



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