Yesterday ended last night!

DSC03999The beauty of the sunset signals a new day is coming!

It is amazing to think about the concept of time and how it passes; knowing each day literally brings a new beginning. Although we understand this is true, it is easy to forget, especially if we live in a very structured routine or schedule. Some may have the mentality, “Another day and another dollar”. Others may be retired or looking for work, whatever the case may be, time passes by for all of us.

We all will have moments where we experience our highest highs, and lowest lows, for life fluctuates on a continual basis. As we enter a new season and prepare for shorter days, we can literally see in creations the physical reality of change. What happens mentally when we go through our own emotional fall/ winter seasons? Do the things that brought us pleasure seem to be lifeless? Are there long periods of darkness, cold spells, and temptations to isolate as one staying indoors during a storm?

It is true that there is a season for everything and for everything there is a season. Recently I have evaluated my life style to determine what to focus my energy to accomplish. I realize I had to accept there were many things I previously desired to accomplish and failed to do so for whatever reason. We can’t change history but we can learn from it. I have been in the process of being educated in many ways due to these lessons.

Life is not always fair, no matter how good my intentions are. It is good to remind ourselves of this thought as it helps us to put things in to perspective.

“Failure is an event, not a person, yesterday ended last night.”
Zig Ziglar

To embrace this mindset about failure provides us freedom. We all may have experienced times of devastation, disappointment or seemingly total despair in one way or the other. Perhaps there were even neon signs pointing out our failed attempts, adding shame, fear or other negative emotions.

When we recognize we experienced feeling like a failure in the past, and everyone has in one way or the other, it is helpful to remember it really was yesterday! Knowing that, we can begin to celebrate the fact we survived all that chaos and move forward toward new goals for a new day.

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