Writing a new script in life

20160124_133700 Changes Like the Waves Are Never Ending

 When we experience change there is a certain feeling of disconnect. We can feel the sensation of being lost and not knowing what to do. There are times in life when things change drastically. What once was a very real circumstance or situation may no longer exist. Perhaps we changed locations, jobs, schools, or even relationships as life continues to press forward.  We also need to look within to see how each change effects us.

By visualizing one who is a script writer, ask yourself a few questions. What happens when the characters do not comply with the plot? When the script gets changed, how does the director take action? As we all can participate in this world living out our own scripts, how do we react if the plot thickens? What if the actors do not stay true to their lines? What if they refuse to play their part? What if they decided to play the part of another actor in this universal play?

We can all learn how to write a new script for our lives. If we need help we can tap into other resources and acquire their wisdom. There are many who have greater skills and knowledge than we do; perhaps they would be willing to share. What does it take to write a new script for our lives? Let’s encourage each other to grow, while teaching, supporting, and encouraging one another along the way.

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