Who Can I Talk To?

fall 07 326Are there times in life when we find ourselves sweating and feeling all shaky inside and we don’t know why? Do we become agitated, or even worse, notice others seem more cranky than usual? In the complex life we live, there may be moments, days, weeks, or even years where things do not occur the way we desire. Unfortunately we are all subject to painful experiences, rejection, and broken hearts.

I often wonder why we perceive it is wrong to talk about challenges we are facing. Although we know that no one is perfect, somehow it is a sign of weakness if someone talks about their real feelings, whether anger, fear, or anxiety. What happens when we become irritable? Is there some unspoken rule that states we are never supposed to express our thoughts or concerns when we are feeling any of these emotions?

Why is it that if we experience confusion and do not know what to do when there is an obvious problem?
When we are facing challenges, whatever the problem, it will affect us physically as well as emotionally. We may have difficulty and suffer with the Inability to concentrate. This is hard to deal with, creating a sense of nervousness when we are with others, especially if they are co-workers. We may feel a sensation of unreality, a pounding or racing heart, creating even more fear.

When we are dealing with physical issues, compounded with emotional issues, there may be times when speech difficulties occur as well. Fuzzy thinking, mood swings, and even being nauseated can manifest due to high stress levels. Unchecked, our bodies become fatigued, feelings of melancholy may develop, followed by depression. Many begin to experience headaches or even migraines as they attempt to internalize issues they are experiencing. What’s buried alive stays alive!

As a Heart Mender Specialist, I combine the psychological, biological and spiritual tools to help those who are hurting identify the challenges they are experiencing. Getting to the heart of the matter we can then address issues and begin moving toward the healing process. Many have stated how rewarding it is to be free to be themselves, while enjoying their new life to the fullest.

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