Who Am I? Where Am I and Now What Do I Do?

DSC03865There are so many questions in life.  How many times did I ask these questions before? It seems like I am always asking questions, yet that is part of the learning process. I am curious how I may be of service to others while dealing with my own challenges in humanity. If we entertain the thought we should have all of our ‘shit’ together before we can help others, we will be sadly disappointed and never be available. For those who are surprised I said the “S” word, hopefully I did not offend you. In my professional world I would not say that out loud. In my reality, while being transparent, I am reaching out to others to say there are times when there is no other word to describe the “S”…. in our lives, although stuff is a great alternative word.

I confess I mess up, get tired, make mistakes and disappoint myself as well as others many times. We call that in my profession as being human. I believe we can all agree upon that.  Although I do not desire to blow it, as some would say, I do! Then I pray, “Now what”? When we are vulnerable and real, the predators may see us as weak and think they can take advantage of, steal or even kill us. Yet, I am of the mindset that if I am not being realistic and genuine, at this very moment, I am just another voice blowing off at the mouth. (Oh my, did I day that out loud? Some may ask, “Wow, what got into Brenda”?)

If we are honest with ourselves for one moment, we would acknowledge that there are times when we just want to whine, complain, express ourselves in a way that may not be exactly pleasing, and yet we do not know where we can do so. Is it safe to actually express our thoughts and emotions with the one we are with? Do we tip toe around others so we do not upset or offend them? How do we vent, let off steam, talk about the disturbing emotions that are very real, but hidden deep within?

I realize I have shared even more questions than I stated previously. As a Heart Mender Specialist, I work with those who desire to express themselves without fear of repercussions. We all need to be free to talk about the issues that are on our heart without the fear of judgment, condemnation, or betrayal. When we have the opportunity to share thoughts with one who is trusted to keep confidentiality, we can find solutions to the challenges we face within as well as without. I encourage those who are ready to ask questions and find answers to contact me for a free consultation. We can begin looking at that famous question, “Now What”, while working together to find the answers hidden deep within those ready to hear.

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