When Words Fail Us


When words fail us and there is nothing else to say, then we may be still and wait. Prayers are silent, nothing is spoken. Mercy and Grace work together at times when we can do nothing. Feeling dry and thirsty, dehydrated and lacking spiritual water, we might see a mirage while desperately needing an oasis.

Unheard screams crying in the desert. All attempts to deaden the pain only poison the soul. Silence is deafening and painful groans are muffled. Each one of us will eventually walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Forsaking fantasies of future pleasures as they fade away to the stark realities of the painful now. Living in the past, mentally descending to memories of forbidden fruit, youthful lusts, or the once strong resolve to accomplish a certain goal that didn’t happen robs us of our present.

There are times the present, (now) is to hard to accept, therefore we may project ourselves into something futuristic or plunge ourselves back in the past to escape. The reality that a broken heart still keeps beating is hard to accept because it is so painful.

These are the times we are tested and can practice becoming comfortable with being silent. Facing a life and death situation, when the pain is too great to be able to communicate with others, we have to trust that even our presence, while being silent, plays a supportive role. Silence is the sound of rest and restoration. Stillness is a sign of inner confidence and strength, a calmness in a storm, trusting God that all is well.

There are times in life when silence and stillness is the only doorway to the spiritual dimension where God lives. It is there where we may find a peace that passes all understanding, yet how many dare to enter into that place?

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