Whats your password?

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We have been trained to use a password to protect our privacy and prove our identity. How many times have we been asked to use this mysterious combination of characters and numbers to gain access to something we desire to use or see?

Using this form of communication and interaction with others requires the ability to pass through certain filters as well as having the ability to connect to the Internet. That all said, anyone who can read these words obviously has already accomplished that.

What happens if we find out we are communicating with someone who is portraying to be different than they really are? Knowingly or unknowingly, they are presenting to be someone or some thing else; without  being honest with themselves as well as others. Many times it is because they don’t really know who they are.

When one realizes they have ran from the reality of truth, in relationships, work, or even their heart desires in life, what shall they do?. Once they realize this fact, how do they find a solution or release? The fact is   “Once we have seen we can’t un-see!” Truth sets us free. When we see the shift coming, time passes and transitions occur our anxiety can increase. We must decide if we are to embrace the moments as they unfold or do we retreat to familiar ground?

Without the proper passwords other people can not get access to our personal information without permission. What happens when one penetrates the firewall, gaining access to our feelings and emotions unexpectedly, leaving words on the screen, as well as the heart? How did they find out how to get to the most treasured area of life that was securely buried in data?

Are we aware of the fact we gave permission to access our domain without a password, for somehow they touched the area, the deep matter of the heart. May we be sensitive to the fact we have now been invited to this new area with others to grow deeper in our communications together.

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