What Would You Say?

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If you were going to have someone quote you in the future, what would you say? As silly as it may seem, our words can out live us and be repeated throughout time in one way or the other. If we knew for sure we would have some type of influence by the spoken or written words we utter, would we change them?

When asking who is Sarah Hale we may not know. If we were told she was born in 1788 and died in 1879 we still may not know. Yet her words have been heard multiple times as we grew up. Sarah could never have dreamed how her words would become so well known to the masses over the past several centuries. Many could name her song and sing it just by reading the first words.

“Mary had a little lamb/ Its fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went/ the lamb was sure to go”.    Sarah Hale

We come and we go, yet our words will remain with those whom we chose to share our thoughts. As time passes we may think about the important things we need to say to others. There are those who desire to listen and others who do not.

As a professional public speaker, it is important to know who is the audience. The size has an impact, for a small intimate group may call for a different type of message verses a larger audience. Although we may never know who is listening, shall we continue to speak up to share knowledge and understanding? If you were to be quoted one hundred years from now, what would you say?

“Time will tell.”    Brenda Ballantine

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