What Stands Between You and Your Dreams?

20160124_134303What Does This Mean, Protection or Freedom?

There will never be another now…I will make the most of today.

There will never be another me…I’ll make the most of myself.  (Author unknown)

A sobering thought comes with the knowledge that there is no one else who can actually do this for you. Is it true we have to wait for the perfect time before we can experience our dreams? It is easy to fall into a pattern of faulty thinking that rob us of the ability to enjoy life. It is called the, “If – Then” thinking. If I lose twenty pounds then I can go buy myself new clothes. If I accomplish this task, then I can celebrate that… If I get a new job, then I will be happy. If I get married, then I’ll be fulfilled. If I get a divorce, then I can be free. The word ‘If’ always qualifies the ‘then’, therefore the then is never allowed to come into the now.

That is not to say we should not set goals and look forward to the rewards of fulfilling them. Yet if we embrace the “If – then thinking”, knowingly or unknowingly, we are hindering our ability to live and enjoy life where we are in the present, missing our unique and individual processing called life.

Looking at the fence above, we can see it is between the people on the bluff and the ocean below, knowing the fence was put there for our protection. This visual serves as a reminder. There also may be many physical or mental barriers (fences/walls) for protection, set up between us and our dreams. Are we sabotaging our ability to fulfill our passion and destiny? Just as the fence was put up to protect us from harm, have we put up our own emotional de-fences to protect our heart from harm?

It us good to know we can be free. Are we willing to climb over the fence to get to freedom? Are we willing to go around the fence if we have to so we can find another way to fulfill our passion? These are the questions each of us will have to answer at the end of the day. Are we ready to do so? Liberty awaits.

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