What shall we do now?

1-3-11 051


There are times in life we call seasons where we are required to do that which seems impossible. When we find ourselves in those situations we have to make decisions how to proceed. Do we step out in faith and move forward, even without the knowledge of how every thing will work out? Are we willing to be risk takers, hoping to succeed yet knowing we are committed to take the chance of failing?

As new opportunities arise, we can sit on the side lines being too afraid to reach out for our desires, thenĀ  watch as others take advantage of the situation and grab a hold of our cherished prize. The amazing thing is we still live in a world where we can actually create new opportunities if we are willing to do so.

Is there one thing in the midst of all the abundance that we are surrounded by that calls us to become more? Perhaps we desire to be a musician, artist, writer, or do other types of work using our creative gifts and talents. The question is, what shall we do now? It is time to find new expressions and new experiences for this new season.

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