What motivates change


As time passes many are going through changes, some are pleasant while others very dramatic. It is said, “Everything is for a season.” Knowing that nothing stays the same and change is inevitable, why is it that we experience fear when change comes? Fear of the unknown?

When we have been committed to one thing, and something else comes along that we may prefer even better, we can make changes and choose to embrace the new opportunity, circumstance or relationship. Perhaps one has been single for a long period of time and enjoys their freedom to come and go as they please. When they find another who desires to share their life with them, are they willing to let go of their  independence, control of personal finances, favorite food choices, and a variety of other things? They might have took for granted many of the freedoms one has when they are single.There are pro’s and con’s for being in a relationship and being single.

What motivates one to change may be the exact thing that keeps others determined they will never change. We are all different, individual, and unique. As time passes and we get older things change in our lives in many ways. Our choices will be fewer due to many circumstances than they were when we were younger. It is time to recognize, having eyes to see, what opportunities we have right in front of us at this very moment. Do we desire to embrace them? Let us take time to determine when changes come if they  truly are what we desire and if we can realistically enjoy them, of refrain and look for alternatives. What motivates change? For some, reward behavior modification, using stickers, sweets, financial gain, or pleasure can bring about desire changes. For others, negative reinforcement with some type of punishment, cost, pain, or financial loss can also bring about change.  I prefer the reward system and that will bring the desired results with desired change. Whatever the case, count the cost before making any commitment is great advice.

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