What is your value?

What is your value? I realize that is a strange question. People seem to think we have to own things, or have money in the bank to be of some value. What one values another may care less about. The bottom line is, we are giving importance to one thing without paying tribute to that which is truly most valuable. What is the definition of value? Perhaps it is time we look it up and determine if we are striving to prove that we are we valuable to others. The sad part of this scenario is we may value everyone and everything else and not value ourselves. These are just a few questions that cry out for answers and must be answered by the only one that matters. Your valuable opinion is all that is required. What is your value?

2 thoughts on “What is your value?

  1. What is your value? The answer reveals the respondent’s perception of his place in the world. There is no wrong answer. It’s a subjective assessment that is true to him or her. If it seems deficient or overblown, if it ignores certain other facets of self, these may be areas to focus our contemplation and find new worth in ourselves.

  2. I agree that the respondent’s perception of his or her place in the world is part of the deciding factor of their value. Because of the nature of subjective assessments no one person can see or agree 100% about the value of another. You make a good point using the words ‘deficient and overblown’ for there are those who have their perceptions skewed with the reality that surrounds them. Overall, I believe we continue to evolve in our appreciation as well as acceptance of our limitations in life if we are mentally healthy.

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