What is your story?

I love times when I stop and look up to see the stars and reflect upon my recent experiences. While doing so I thought about these facts. Working with a wide variety of ages, five years to seventy five years old, males and females, I get amazed to see how we all still have the same basic needs. This past week I spent time with approximately 150 people, teaching and playing in an educational and therapeutic way. Whatever games we were playing, or art work we created, I found hurting people who wanted to tell their story. They were looking for someone who was willing to listen. People may open up to share what is on their heart if they know they are in a safe environment. How can they know they are safe and can trust the person they are with? Spending time with someone reveals the character of that person. Each individual decides if they believe someone is being authentic, genuine, and trustworthy. If they feel they are comfortable, and a trust factor is being built, a healthy relationship can begin. I have found that once a good rapport is in place and self defense mechanisms are set aside, exciting changes take place. It is during that time that broken hearts can be mended. It is only when we choose to embrace our identity in truth and celebrate our unique and authentic self can we enter in to the freedom and joy we long for.

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