What is your perspective?

How is it that we can view things so differently in a world of sameness? I am continually reminded that what I may perceive as a particular reality another will perceive differently. Here is an illustration; I will use art for my example. Being an artist since I was a young woman, I have a tremendous love and appreciation for all the arts. It is a wonderful gift that there are those, young and old, male and female, who dare to be bold, creative and willing to share their work for all to see. Going to a gallery or art show, I will view a painting with a sense of admiration for all the intricate and/or delicate work. I marvel at the brush strokes and the beauty of the magnificent color combinations. I purposely take time to see all the fine details. I love to see how the artist portrays their unique talents in so many ways, with some being very abstract. Another potential customer may come in and stand beside me, view the exact picture, pause one moment and then quickly move to the next piece hanging around the corner. At the end of the day, we will both leave the gallery having a new experience. What determines if it was a good or bad experience? There are many different perspectives that we are continually drawing upon to help us process all incoming stimuli. Each participant of the event left with various thoughts concerning their experience. Each color, shape, form, visual image, are specifically and purposefully placed. These dynamics are used to reveal in an art piece different feelings and emotions that communicates a message to the eye of the beholder. Knowing we all have eyes to see, and ears to hear, the question is how clearly do we see? How well do we hear? These factors are also included in the determining factors. The true mystery is while looking at art, how is it that each piece will tell its own story, yet shall be heard differently by every listener? What is your perspective?

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