What is the meaning of identity?

It has been noted that the topic of identity is a deep subject that may cover many areas in our lives. As written in the previous post, we are initially identified by our parents as male or female and given the name they have chose to call us. As all children begin to develop, characteristics and personalities will emerge. Created as social creatures with a basic need to belong, our identities are influenced, shaped and molded by those around us. The internal and external environment will have an impact on the way we view ourselves, our identity, self-esteem, and confidence. With positive or negative input from others, as well as life’s experiences, there are many factors that have an influence on our perception of our identity.

I was asked,”What do I mean by the ‘true’ sense of identity “? I recognize this answer will require a separate post to allow for deeper discussion. For now, I will say that each individual is a very unique, distinct, and wonderfully made human being. Each given an authentic identity tied to their very existence that they alone can experience.

Many have learned by experience that it was painful to the individual’s heart if they allowed their true identity to be expressed. Rejection, judgment, anger, jealousy, even violence or threat of losing a job have been reactions experienced when attempting to be themselves. They began to understand that using their authentic voice could be very costly. This could be one of the reasons why people refer that someone is wearing a mask. If they allow their desires to be made known that stem from their inner being and true identity, and then they experience pain, they will learn not to express themselves in a way that would create a negative reaction. They may unconsciously or consciously retreat to a survival mode, doing or saying whatever it takes to make a living, or get along with others without the pain. Another example that I agree with from a comment made from the previous post that stated, “We can be surrounded with potentially harmful societal identities, innate, and socially implanted ideas”. These also have an impact on how we view ourselves and our identity.

Therefore, getting to the reality of who we are as individuals, finding out what is the meaning of true identity requires time. As we enter a soul searching journey with many twists and turns along the way, the question will be, “Are we ready and willing to go?”

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