What does it really mean?

All though we are on a self improvement kick, or trying to eat healthier, it is important to enjoy the good things in life as well. (In moderation, living a balanced life, one day at a time for example). Yet, if we want to work on ourselves, dealing with our stuff, we may need to look at the deeper things in life. Shall we wait and do that later too? 003We hear about the word procrastination many times but do we actually know what it means to procrastinate? According to some of the world’s most trusted dictionaries, the definition of “procrastinate” is, “To defer action; delay, especially intentionally or habitually.” Another way of saying “procrastinate” is, “The act of putting something off until a later time.”

Indecision, or mildly put, not making up your mind, can also cause one to procrastinate. That is, not taking care of business when needed, or not doing things you know you have to do. Fear of failure and fear of success can also cause one to delay. Distraction also has been a major problem for many. Lost momentum will slow things down to the point where one no longer desires to do anything. Perhaps that is when things just continue to sit on the back burner or bottom shelf.

In what areas do you have a tendency to procrastinate the most? In a poll taken, the number one response was in the area of exercise, with eating right coming in a close second. There are so many areas affected by procrastination making it difficult to say what is truly number one. When asked the question, “Can you stop procrastinating?” a majority responded, “Yes, if I put my mind to it tomorrow!” Few responds stated they did not know, and others “No.”

I believe that we have the tools to make the changes we desire in our lives. For those who do not, there are many around us that are willing to help create a good support system. Whatever definition of procrastination applies to us individually, it is now possible to make positive changes to begin moving in a new direction.

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    • I love the writer’s group, for it is inspiring me to move forward and not procrastinate. Now I need to find others who I can be accountable in regard to my heath and exercise. Thank you for your comment, as you know feedback it a great tool to help us grow!

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