What do you do to relax?

What do we do when we know it is time to relax? That answer may depend on our personality, likes and dislikes, financial circumstances, as well as our physical abilities. Gender, race, culture, society, and spiritual beliefs also may play a part on our ability to relax. In addition, there are many who have emotional challenges like anxiety, guilt, depression, etc. that will have an effect on the way they relax. I found while giving myself permission to let my shoulders down, put my feet up, take some deep breaths, it is not only beneficial to my health, it does wonders for my soul! The key word here to emphasize is “Permission”. Who else can give me permission to relax at this time in my life? For some the idea of relaxing is a foreign concept. How we decide to relax is another area impacted by the way we think and who we believe we are. Embracing the reality of who I am, while learning to enjoy my life each day, I understand I must work as well as take time to have fun. Being creative, I may desire to experiment with watercolors or oil paints and create an abstract picture. Or perhaps I will desire to be silent and relax while listening to beautiful instrumental music and meditating. During times of relaxation we can embrace our unique and authentic self. Understanding it is true that one of our basic needs is to have fun, I am learning how to relax in a new way. I am letting go of temptations to be driven to accomplish, perform, or conquer the invisible to-do list. I also will say no to thoughts that challenge my decision to take care of myself. I realize as I take time to enjoy life, relax and have fun, I am refreshed and prepared for the times I am on duty. Knowing I will have different desires and talents than others helps me understand what I find fun and relaxing may be terrifying to someone else. Others may think that which I find fun or exciting to be completely boring. That is why we are not to compare ourselves among ourselves. Isn’t it exciting to know that it is OK that we are all different? It is because we are all so unique, with individual thoughts and desires, we are able to create this extremely interesting and beautiful world.

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