What can you say?

1-3-11 418


When it is late in the day and we are tired, what can we say? Knowing there is power in words, do we look for a quote trying to express a thought, or do we speak out with hope others understand what we say?

The morning is soon to arrive and the day is done, are we finished or is there one more thing to be said, or errand to run? It is hard to accept the reality we can never accomplish all our minds desires. Our body is is much slower than our mind, which moves faster than any human being can move

No matter what we do, we must finish the mission of the day? Does anyone care one way or the other? Many times they do not, unless they are the boss and what we do will bring in more money for them. With time passing so quickly I ask, “What can we say? How did we finish the day? Does it matter anyway?

We can only guess for we will never know the impact we have on others. We make choices that impact the way we grow. Truly that is what matters as we will all agree, surviving the odds to be able to be you and be me. From that point of view I only have one question to ask, and will listen to hear the answer at last.

What can you say, as time passes and we are all looking for answers? Shall we compromise, or declare what we believe? We know not all agree with the way we think, yet we choose to accept others, and know life is good and we will celebrate. Our response is with confidence, as we know the way, and will continue to proclaim it’s another great day!

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