What Can I Say Now?

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What do we say when we do not know what to say? There are times when there are no words to describe the circumstances we are dealing with. How do we express the emotions we feel, or the pain we are in? Perhaps the reason we are given tears is to be able to express the deepest emotions that words can not convey.

When we are given the opportunity to be comforted by another during a time of trauma or loss, what can we say to describe those intimate moments that only those involved will ever know? Perhaps we will never be able to explain or talk about those experiences, although they were life changing. Some things in life result in circumstances that bring us to the point of reality we never dreamed possible. At those times we are getting as real in life as it ever gets.

How do we recover from painful times of grief, loss, or a break up? How do we deal with losing a relationship with someone we were involved with for many years? Knowing we can not change history, nor can we change circumstances, being able to come to acceptance is the key to peace. I choose to understand this truth. We cannot change history, therefore we need to grieve our loss and embrace the knowledge we have gained from each experience and move forward. .

This is not an easy concept, yet a very powerful one for those who accept it. We continue to learn as time passes day by day. How we view life now will determine how we view life in the future.

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