What calms the soul?

096What is it about music that calms the soul? As I listen quietly to amazingly beautiful and simple instrumental music, I purpose not to have an agenda to fulfill. Clearing my schedule, I freely release all anxiety in my heart and enter into the secret place of sweet silence. As I give myself permission to quietly surrender to the moment, I understand what it means to be present. No expectations, no performance, no demands of myself or others. There is no need for any type of substance, alcohol, food, or other external stimulus to change my state. Many ask how we can arrive in such a place. How do we find rest in motion? What does it mean the secret of silence? The silence I am talking about is not the absence of external noise or even absence of speaking words necessarily.

When teaching clients or students the principles of “Resting in Motion”, at first it seems like a contradictory terminology. As we continue to progress in session, they not only succeed in their personal endeavor to rest, they also enter into the secret place where they are at peace no matter what external circumstances they must deal with.

Part of resting in motion has to do with our ability to hold our peace. Do we know what that means? In Hebrew the meaning is “be quiet”. Here is another way to view, ‘hold your peace’ by looking at definitions of the word hold: The act of grasping; have or possess; have or hold in one’s hand or grip; power by which something or someone is affected or dominated; keep in a certain state, position, or activity.

As a Heart Mender Specialist, I model for my clients how to rest in motion and to hold on to peace in the midst of turmoil. It is possible to stay in a state of peace even when our external world gets turned upside down. For those who are on a quest to be made whole, I remind them it is a process that takes time. In addition, there is a requirement to be willing to be honest with ourselves, becoming authentic as well as surrendering previous faulty concepts or negative belief systems.

This is a powerful and bitter sweet experience. It is one that is pressing forward to freedom while letting go of the past and all the security of the familiar. No matter how painful it is to embrace the reality of ‘now’, the freedom to be healed and made whole is worth every moment. When exploring any unknown territory there are risks and fear factors that arise. Yet, taking each new step brings us toward our goal to be healed and closer to our true identity.

As I personally press into the action of resting in motion, holding my peace, and learning the secrets of silence in the midst of the storm there are many benefits. I am able to rise to any occasion being present, authentic and available for others. I began this writing by asking the question, “What is it about music that calms the soul”? There are many ways to answer that question, one of which is this: Pleasant vibrations resonate with my spirit, freeing my heart to rest. No longer anxious thoughts and fears bombard my mind. I am free to cast all the cares of the day where they truly belong, and then I can enter into my secret place of silence and gratitude.

During this time amazing peace keeps my heart and mind, enabling me to focus on the task at hand. Although there are many tools available to assist us in our healing process, I recommend soothing, calm, peaceful meditation type music as one tool to help each of us enter into the beautiful place of healing while we ‘rest in motion’.

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