What Are You Waiting For?

20160324_181835-1Waiting Patiently Together

There are times when nothing can be done and we have to be still. How many of us get uncomfortable knowing we have to be patient and wait? What we are hoping for and what will actually occur is unknown. Only time will tell the true outcome.

What can we do to prepare ourselves? There will be future moments when we will be required to wait once again? Learning to accept things we cannot change, and change the things we can, and using wisdom to be able to know the difference is helpful.

There are many experiences in life that require our cooperation to be still. At times we may stand back and watch others appear on the stage of life and perform, even if we secretly desired to be the star of the show!

While waiting for a child to be born, or watching a flower blossom, we know we cannot rush the process. There are many other beautiful moments, or even tragic ones that require waiting and being still. Patience and peace may spring forth as we wait. As difficult as it is, freedom manifests while practicing being present without any expectations for a desired outcome or agenda.


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