What are our enemies?

Resistance is a force that we must combat if we desire to step into the fulness of our creativity. It can come in the form of distraction, procrastination, fear, self-doubt and self sabotage. Ego, narcissism, and perfectionism are powerful forces of resistance that must be dealt with to be successful in our endeavor to experience our creative quest. Another area creating strongholds that bind us up are our rational thoughts. We will argue with our self, questioning who do we think we are that we could actually be good enough to be successful? We may think, “It would be great if someone would buy my art, but what makes me think they would want mine”? Our Logic can be the very thing that becomes our stumbling block. Friends and family often are the nay-sayers. They do not see what we see, nor understand who we are and why we must have a creative outlet. Whether it is music, art or writing, it is a passion that we must express if we are to stay healthy emotionally and physically. I will continue on this subject in the future, for there are many dynamics involved that need to be brought to light and addressed to be free to enjoy the creativity desiring to be released..

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