Way too serious…


Scrabble Anyone?

What do you do for fun? How many times does someone ask that question? Have we lost sight of our need to relax and enjoy simple pleasures in life? In this day and age we are surrounded with the ability to gather whatever information we desire. We can be entertained or distracted by a variety of ways that never existed in the past.

With so many things available at our fingertips, are we missing opportunities to be with others face to face? Old fashion games were very valuable for entertainment and created many memories. Are they out-dated, never to return? How do we fill our basic needs for love and belonging as well as love in this generation of technology?

Many are busy texting or posting on Facebook, and appear to have many friends, yet suffer from extreme isolation and loneliness. It is a true gift to be able to spend time, face to face with others. It has been said, “If you can hang out with someone without talking, that is saying a whole lot!” It takes time to learn how to  be comfortable with others, whether having fun or being silent. It also takes effort.

Are we willing to risk sharing thoughts and emotions with the hope of building friendships and enjoying life? Do we always have to think about the challenges of the world we live in, or can we have time to relax and watch the sun go down? Is there an invisible sign that states we must be way too serious? Have we  forgot we are created to enjoy life? It is never to late to begin as we learn how to balance our responsibilities and take time to appreciate life’s beauty.

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  1. That is so true. We seem to rushing through life at a frantic pace, when in reality we may be just filling our lives with emptiness and missing out on the true joys–the abundant life that Jesus promises.

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