Want to Finish What You Started?

“Talk does not cook rice” -Chinese Proverb
Have you ever thought about starting a new project and felt really excited about doing it? You tell your friends, “I am going to make this… write that book, or build that new…. (Fill in the blank).” They may celebrate with you about your latest passion, while encouraging you by saying they look forward to seeing your finished project.
When we get an idea or desire to take on a new project, we can experience all kinds of emotions. We feel energetic and enthusiastic about getting started. Taking the first step we make a plan. What materials will we need and how much will it cost? How much time will it take to complete or accomplish the job? Do we need assistance to finish, or can we do it alone? If we will need help from others, will it be available? Can we count on them? In the area of time, how long will the project take? How much time investment will others have to make and will their calendar correspond with ours?
Given all those considerations, the plan moves forward. It is time to begin. The excitement increases, with money in hand, we go shopping to purchase all our supplies. We may sense a little adrenaline rush walking through isles and filling our cart with the needed items. Once back home, car unloaded and bags unpacked it is time to sit down and rest. Then we notice the clock and realize it is dinner time! We need to prepare something to put on the table, eat and then get the kitchen cleaned. We finally get all of our obligations taken care of.
Now comes the reality; it’s time to start our new project, we can begin the work! Being tired from shopping all day, it is easy to justify waiting until later. Desiring to have a fresh start in the morning, we agree it is wise to wait until tomorrow. The excitement is not quite as strong as it was when we first got the idea. Now it comes down to the “nitty-gritty”, we have another thing on our to-do list and now it may be called work. A friend calls to see how things are going. When asked about our new project we can easily explain we were tired and plan on starting on it first thing tomorrow.
As morning arrives we may receive an urgent call from a mate, friend or child requesting a helping hand. There goes our time to work on the project! We realize other people need us, so we put off what we were going to do until later. Soon the children need help, the dog gets sick, or perhaps our boss requires our attention at the office and we have to stay later! The list can go on and on. A week passes and we stumble over a small pile in the corner and notice the supplies we purchased. Our memory being jogged at that moment, we may think, “Oh, wow, totally planned on making that…, but was so busy forgot all about it. Think tomorrow will be a good day to start working on that, after all it is Saturday and I don’t have anything else I have to do.” We all know what happens tomorrow, right?
A new idea comes along, perhaps learning how to paint a picture! Always having a desire to learn how, plus having a need to do more fun things, makes a great excuse to start something new. We may believe painting would be a good stress reliever, which is true, to justify ourselves as we go to the art store. Later we call our friends and say, “Guess what, I am going to learn how to paint!” Our friends may laugh and say, “That’s good; let me see your picture when you are finished.” (Pictured above were three unfinished abstract paintings that were patiently waiting for the artist within to show up.)
It is easy to make pronouncements, we can say just about anything our hearts desire. “I am going to become a beautiful piano player!” What, no lessons required? Did I hear there is no time to practice? Do I understand that there is no piano to play? To say something and actually do it is another matter. It is easy to say we are going to do this or that to ourselves and others. We can even pronounce to the world we are going to follow our dream to be the first to climb the Alaskan glaciers; we may even have a few friends that would cheer us on.
I have been viewed as one with too many ideas and not enough time to complete them all. I realize it is important to slow down to the speed of life and focus on that which is truly important to accomplish. I believe if we focus on making fewer pronouncements, while making more commitments to accomplish what we desire to complete, we will be successful in filling our destiny.

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