Waiting too long?

20160122_133438Someday I Am Going To…

We are here for a limited time offer. We may find there are many things we desire to accomplish in our lifetime. Unfortunately, there are somethings that we may have waited too long to do, or can no longer  physically accomplish.

It is a good day to begin, work on, or complete things we have a passion to do in our lives. Spending a lot of time in regret, and reflecting on areas of the past where we failed, only robs us of the opportunity to be successful today.

Never being too late to start, even taking small steps, brings us to toward our new goals. Someday is not on the calendar. If we are thinking someday we are going to …?.. we will never arrive.¬† May we practice being aware of the present moment and make decisions to live while we are alive. Let us balance work with times of rest, and enjoy our abundant lives, for they truly are a gift to us.

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