Trust Yourself


Willing to be the only red flower in the midst? Be authentic!

Trust yourself is a powerful statement. In an ever changing world, how can we know who to trust? The biggest question is, “How do we trust ourselves”? Reading the classic book, “Walden”, it states back in 1845 that Emerson was speaking to Henry David Thoreau to encourage him to follow his passion. Now in the year 2015, we still hear how people will question themselves, trying to figure out what is their passion.
“Trust yourself, Emerson told Thoreau; “In self-trust all the virtues are comprehended… Look in your heart and write.” Can we trust ourselves to follow our passion and write that which is hidden within?

There were very practical difficulties to be surmounted back then, just as there are now. Thoreau wrote, “A literary career would support a man only if he wrote what the public wanted, shallow, sentimental stuff, to which a sincere soul could not stoop.” In our day, only politically correct material is acceptable without some type of negative consequences.

I realize even as I write there will be those who will not agree with my thoughts. We can never please all the people all the time. Knowing that, how do we follow our passion and be true to ourselves? Are we willing to take risks, sacrifice, and be willing to be honest with ourselves, trusting our ability to be unique and individual as we vocalize our authentic voice?

Thoreau viewed people living their life as divided, the earning from the enjoying; the mass of men leading lives of quiet desperation, believing they had no other course, and labor year round for mere subsistence. Are we any different now? It is interesting how can the writings of a man who lived so long ago can be so relevant even today?

Emerson told Thoreau, “Trust yourself.” Can we trust ourselves? Are we trust worthy? We may be with others but are we honest and trustworthy with ourselves? Are we being sincere when it comes to our own passion that cries from within?

Each person must be careful to find out and pursue their own way, and not their fathers, mothers or their neighbors.” I would say these truths spoken so long ago, recorded in written form are as sound today as they were back then. The question stands; now that we have seen, now that we know, are we willing to go forward in our pursuit of truth and passion, or do we retreat and settle for compromise and surrender? I choose to follow my true passion and live life to the fullest.

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