Too tired to be real?

In times of physical or emotional exhaustion, we may be too tired to put on any masks. What do I mean by that? Take time to pause and reflect. Are there certain people in your life that you trust enough to actually be vulnerable and real? Can you actually let your hair down, literally? There will be times when irritations and frustrations arise while patience and energy levels take a nose dive. Relationships heading for disaster will begin to suffer. What happens when we get too tired to keep up the charades, masks get ripped off and our true identity shows up? Mr. or Mrs. Grouch officially appear on the scene. When we get exhausted, even the small task of pretending can be too difficult to maintain. It is understandable. There are times we all need to relax without feeling like we have to impress, serve, take care of, or be on duty for anything or anybody else.

The question I ask today relates to the true identity vs. the facade we may portray to others. For example, there are those in the helping profession and in the care givers position that may be suffering what we call burn out. They get too tired, especially when they are on duty 24/7 and do not have relief coming to take care of their loved one. I have told clients in the past that it is important to get support and communicate with others, even if it is only On-line, to help prevent burnout. This can keep their spirits up so they don’t become discouraged. When we get too tired it is difficult to make good judgments. Compounding other problems with the adrenal fatigue and other stress related challenges, it is easy to see how we lose sight of who we really are. The question is, “When you are too tired can you continue to be authentic and true to your own identity, even if it looks messy and others may not understand”? There is much more to be discussed on this topic of identity. What are your thoughts? Will the real you stand up?

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