Too busy to eliminate?

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Too busy to take care of your health? Looking for my car at airport and taking care of business, once again, enjoying traveling and adventures in life! Yet we all have be careful not to get too busy we have no time to take care of personal business. Procrastination is a key word that we need to address.

Have you ever been constipated with the cares of life? Are you in a hurry to jump back on the freeway of life, racing with all the others on a mission? We may be going to a meeting, work, school, shopping, or church, yet it seems most are in a hurry these days. Wherever you are on earth as you travel in life, you will find that there are those who are rushing to get somewhere hoping they will not be late. We might know logically that if we leave earlier for our destination we arrive early or at least on time. One young man shared with me his thoughts: “If I arrive early, I am on time. I if arrive on time, I am late.” With increased population, traffic congestion also increases, stress levels rise, as well as all the distractions that come with it.

Once we have entered the six-lane freeway traveling seventy miles an hour, do we dare take an exit? Sometimes we need to pull over to see where we are headed. Are we going in the right direction? Where is the map of life that shows the way? Actually, it would have been a lot easier to know the way in the first place. I remember one time when I was driving down the freeway, not knowing where I was, thinking, “I need to pull over and look at the map later, you know, when I stop somewhere to get gas!” Those are the times I know God watched over me.

Sometimes it is important just to get in the slow lane and let everyone pass you by. At other times, we all will need to stop completely. This is where we talk about the nitty-gritty in life. Elimination! Where do we go when we need to eliminate all the excess weights accumulated on the journey? As strange as it may seem to talk about this topic and procrastination, it is actually one of the most important aspects of staying healthy. All creation needs to eliminate unnecessary things in one way or another. In science class it is taught that a snake molts, having a whole layer of skin removed. At least we do not have to go that far!

Nevertheless, if the process of elimination is put off when nature calls, one can experience many additional difficulties. Yet, at the most humbling and relieving moments, we can still get so caught up in the busyness of life that we may even try to put that off! I realize that some who read this particular section might be thinking, “What? How dare she?” Being too busy can be detrimental to your health.

All things in life need to be balanced, and being in a hurry a majority of the time can lead to serious health issues, as well as other significant problems. As we all continue on this journey, we will learn how to balance our lives in the essentials as well as the non-essentials. Peace of mind comes when we know what we can truly eliminate without having to feel guilty.

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