To Be Opened Soon?


Many times in life we desire the ability to make changes. At other times we refuse to surrender and fight that which must occur. We experience a sense of confusion, not knowing what we can depend upon or what will happen next. One door shuts and another hasn’t opened.

Knowing we lack knowledge, and in unfamiliar territory, we can stop and seek help. Entering into a new career, relationship, or unique business opportunity can be scary. What is behind the only door presented to us? Is it safe to knock? What happens when we do? Will someone answer? Whatever mystery is behind the door, it can only be solved when someone is willing to wait until it is opened.

Can we be patient during this time of uncertainty? As each season changes it creates transitions in our lives. Circumstances present situations that place us in front of many doors over time. We have the freedom to choose what to do. Do we walk on by, or do we stop and see if a new door opens? We may find, once the door has opened, a whole new realm of hope. Once inside we can have a different point of view and enjoy tremendous opportunities for a new life.

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