Time to Start Clean Up


1-3-11 692Some Things Are Outgrown and Lose Their Usefulness

There are times in life when we may look around and see our collection of treasures have lost their luster. During spring cleaning, preparation for a yard sale, or other reasons we may decide it is time to simplify. Although the word seems simple enough, it is a difficult task for multiple reasons.

As a mental health professional I understand the challenges we face dealing with things. When it is time to let go of something that once brought us pleasure it can be very difficult. Due to the fact it is possible to attach memories to inanimate objects, knowingly or unknowingly, a variety of reactions can arise. Fear of forgetting a loved one, a positive experience, or even a portion of a previous identity can cause anxiety to arise.

Everything is for a season, and seasons change. Perhaps one played sports, had trophies and celebrated with team members their success. As time passed the games were no longer played and the trophies began to gather dust. How many trophies do we have stashed away in life? They can take on different forms yet still represent something important that happened in the past.

The unwillingness to release material things, although they are no longer of any use or value may not be understood by family or friends. It is a process that takes time to let go emotionally as well as physically. As we press forward in our daily lives, with the help and support of others, we can simplify and enjoy the beauty of life that surrounds us .

My riches consist not in the extent of my possessions, but in the fewness of my wants. (Pastor Joseph Brotherton)



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