Things in life that shout ‘who’ you are.

Have you thought about the things in your life – past and present- that are you? When talking about identity I realize that things can reflect who we are, or what we like. Here is one example. While I am out and about shopping, I may see something that reminds me of someone I know. I may even think, “Wow, she would really like that”. Perhaps I will even purchase it as a gift to surprise her. At times I see a book and think of a friend who would like to read it; after all she read ‘War and Peace’ three times! Even when clothes shopping, I may see a particular article of clothing, a certain color or design, that brings up thoughts like ‘he’ would look great in that.

I find it interesting how many things we can see that cause us to think about other people. Things we think they would like or dislike because of our perceived identity of who they are. Yet those things are only a partial reflection of what we are allowed to see about their preferences. We can only get a glimpse of an individuals momentary pleasure in our sensory world.

What about yours? What things do others see externally that say something about you? Things like articles of clothing, your type of work, academic pursuits, social gatherings, peers, music, entertainment, sports or no sports. These all speak volumes about you. The question is, are they a true reflection of the real you? Or, do you embrace these because they are those of one you desire to be like or hang out with? Thoughts to ponder as we continue to touch on true identity. I look forward to your comments.

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