There Is A Good Plan For Us



Running a race requires discipline and endurance. As we travel along the path we have chosen, we will  have the opportunity to make many choices. Preferably we will make those that help us enjoy living on this beautiful planet with as little trials as possible. The reality is we all encounter obstacles and challenges along the way, and at times we will require the help of others assistance.

We will need to use stamina and determination to press forward to get past that which seems beyond all hope. Drawing strength from within, and calling upon others, is the key to success for in the multitude of counselors there is wisdom.

It will be required that we use our discernment to know that the counselors we have chosen are truly wise, for unfortunately there are those who have an evil agenda and will try to steer us in the wrong direction.

The times we are living in have changed dramatically from those of the past. How we view things in life will be filtered from the environment we are surrounded by in the present as well as that which we have had in our past. What we desire to understand and accomplish at this time will be influenced by many thoughts, emotions and personal beliefs.

The good news is with right choices and spirited endurance this race is far from over. The outcome will  astonish to the runner as well as the observers. Let us be sure to stay on our own path lest we be disqualified and press forward one step at a time. There is a plan for us, and in that plan we will successfully finish the race set before us.









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