The Power of Words

251“Good words are worth much and cost little.”  – George Herbert

When we struggle with the issues of life we may forget that we have power in our words. Relationships can be healed or broken with the choice of words that are spoken. It is refreshing when we have the pleasure to spend time with one who knows how to speak life, truth and love to others. It is painful to be with one who is skilled in speaking negative words that wound to the very core of our being.

“Sharp words make more wounds than surgeons can heal.” Thomas Churchyard

There are times when we can hear great quotes, read them in a book, and see them framed on a wall. Some are written in truth and have very powerful meanings. We can enjoy reading them and even repeat them, the question is do we actually hear them and apply any to our personal lives?

Hopefully we will begin to recognize the power of our words and choose to purposefully speak life and truth to others.

“Words, like fine flowers, have their colors too.” – Ernest Rhys

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