The bare necessities in life.

192Being Content In Whatever State We’re In

Staying in a less than five star hotel, a place with minimum amount of furniture is a great way to be humbled, as well as reminded of the many gifts we have. There was one who was willing to share what she had, a gracious and beautiful young woman from a different country whose culture does not use beds.

I am grateful to have a place out of the elements and dangers of society, safely resting for the night behind a locked door as night approaches. All the meanwhile, I was learning how to be content in whatever state I am in.

Beauty in life shows up in even the most simple things. A soft pillow, a comforting blanket, a bonus could  include a gift of a light, with the ability to read; these are all things we should never take for granted. There is much to be thankful for. Yet how many times do we expect to have the comforts of life exactly the way we desire?  What happens if things get changed drastically?

As I realize life is not fair, I see many business that were lost to fire. We all could lose everything in a twinkling of an eye. What is it that keeps us motivated in times of uncertainty? Love and patience works wonders. For truly we didn’t bring anything into this world, nor will we take anything out.

What we need to do while we can experience life is to love and let others know they are cherished as well. Sharing a five star hotel, or a pile of blankets on the floor to provide padding, is a great way to practice being patience and kind

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