Taking time to relax


What May We Find Hidden Within?

This scene can be viewed in many ways. Someone may be camping on the beach for a mini-vacation. Children may be using this tent for a dressing room, changing out of wet suits to dry clothing. Perhaps a new mother is enjoying the privacy provided within to nurse her infant while her family members are out building sand castles chasing the waves.

A time to escape from daily duties and chores at home is a wonderful opportunity. To take a moment to make new memories and relax is a gift to be enjoyed. Even if we can’t get away to the coast, we can step outside and look up at the stars at night. Camping in the back yard, or playing silly games can be a great way to restore our health and gain a new mindset.

It is an awesome experience to be able to lay down under the stars and see the heavens declare the Glory of God. What we observe is beyond our human comprehension, yet we can celebrate by acknowledging a beauty words can not describe. Knowing we can share this experience with others, or enjoy quiet moments to reflect on the universe, is free of charge and a gift provided night after night for all to enjoy.

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