Taking Time To Reflect

Faith on the beach 12-31-14TAKING TIME TO REFLECT

A special moment in time can occur as we stop to reflect on things in life. While enjoying the beach it is also a great opportunity to grasp a new perspective on life. No matter how big our problems are, they will pale in comparison to power and the vast body of water that lies before us.

As we breathe the fresh air and feel the cool ocean breeze it provides a calming force. Even if we cannot literally be on the beach, we can visualize the waves as they roll upon the beach. There is an opportunity to listen to the ocean waves off the Internet, while practicing deep breaths exercises, relaxing our neck and shoulders, and focusing our mind on pleasant thoughts. This is just one of many beneficial tools we can us to improve our health care.

Asking simple questions can be instrumental to help us visualize our desired place of peace. What are we visualizing? What does the environment look like? Are there many people on the beach or is it isolated? Is the wind blowing hard, or is there a gentle breeze? What time of day is it? Is it high tide or low?  Are we alone or with another? Is it warm or cold? These factors will have an impact on how one is able to relax.

As we practice visualizing our times of relaxation, day dreaming, or actively creating a mini vacation from within, we will find our stress level decreases. It is a great way to spend a few minutes to be creative, to escape from the daily grind, and to decompress.  We have permission to do so. This can be part of a great treatment plan and continued long term goal for improved health.

Where is your special get away?

4 thoughts on “Taking Time To Reflect

  1. Favorite Getaway? CARMEL BEACH & POINT LOBOS
    When we last there, walking Point Lobos State Reserve, I came across a Plein Air painting class and had an opportunity to talk with the teacher as he spent time with each of his 5 students as they painted the waves and boulders. He allowed me to take a photo of his paints on his travel pallet, which I felt was quite honoring. Listening to the water splash against the shore as he spoke with me was exhilarating, to say the least. We went back to the studio in The Barnyard that featured some of his paintings, and spent an hour with the owner–who gave us somewhat of a painting lesson as he took us from painting to painting, discussing the merits and techniques of each one. I was grateful not a customer came in the entire time we were there. That had to be one of the most restful days I have spent in a long time, and all because of a walk along the ocean.

    • I would love to travel there, it is one location I have never had the privilege to go to (yet). What a wonderful gift for you to experience. I am glad you were able to relax and enjoy the moment. Thank you for sharing, for this may encourage others to follow your foot steps.

  2. I find the pitter-patter of rain drops to be relaxing. It could be the sound of drops on the barn’s metal roof, splashing in a puddle or spray against a window. I’ve never been to the cool, rainy state of Washington; perhaps I’d find better sleep there.

    • I love the rain, and agree that the cool, rainy state may provide a great place to get away and rest! Another adventure to pursue in the future.

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