Taking inventory

There are many who declare New Year’s resolutions, only to find that they were not willing or able to fulfill them. When January 1st rolls around we might hear someone declare, “I am not going to eat any more junk food.” Another may say, “I am going to lose 20 pounds”. A couple may decide that is the day they both are going to quit smoking. The list can go on and on in regard to the resolutions we make. There are many reasons people desire to start fresh, to get a new beginning, to have a second chance to do something right. We will never know the real motivations of one’s heart who declares they want to lose weight. Is it to feel healthier, look great, or to try to manipulate someone while using their tried and true traits of seduction? Whatever the case, no matter the reason, there are those who have made it a tradition to make an announcement of some kind that they will be changing a behavior of some sort beginning January 1st.
Now here we are with summer in full force, today being July 1st. Officially we have already passed through one half of the year 2015! Shall we make another tradition? Shall we declare July 1st as “Taking inventory day”? This can be a lengthy process, especially if you are a business owner with a large stockpile of merchandise. Talking about taking inventory of our personal lives presents a different picture. What does it mean to take personal inventory? As I prepare to enter into a new field of work, I first count the cost. How would my work impact the market place? What is the competition? Taking time to investigate, do my homework, and pay attention to the reality check, I could save myself tremendous expenses, financially, physically and emotionally. Doing research, developing a mission statement, business plan, and make an S.W.A.T. analysis is all needed from a business perspective. What tools do I have and what is my skill level? Do I have enough knowledge in my inventory or do I need to acquire more education. Many are due diligent to take inventory when it relates to business. How many are taking personal inventory to see if they have a deficit or an increase? Fear or busyness may prevent some to stop and take account. I propose that we begin a new trend to pause and reflect on the first day of the half way mark of the year. Let’s reflect on our progress while taking inventory of our resources, emotionally and spiritually as well as financially.

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