Taking a Second Look

DSC03306“In Season and Out”

It is easy in our culture to slip into a mindset that is can be predictable. This picture is a great example. With a pumpkin and a cat on the roof, does it have a significant meaning? Was it posed? Should this picture only be posted during Halloween? The truth is this cat wouldn’t have a clue about any holiday, it just loves to climb up on the neighbors roof and watch the world go by. The pumpkin perched on the  fence could be a harvest prize or a holiday decoration.

Does everything have to have a label or interpretation? It is understood we try to understand our world by our interactions of the past, family experiences, traditions and cultural . What happens when things get changed? What if we began purchasing Christmas trees and decorating them in August? Would others think we are strange?

We know there are four seasons in the year, winter, spring, summer and fall. We have to adjust our lives accordingly to each season. Yet there are other seasons in our lives. They can deal with relationships, work, age, families, and our life styles. When young we are free to express ourselves in certain ways. As we get older, as seasons change hopefully we will mature, doing so, we change our ways once again. Whatever season we find ourselves in, let us remember to celebrate life to the fullest. Lets dare to be bold, free, unique and authentic in every realm. Live while we are alive!

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