Take time to be quiet

Gods beauty at the coast

Observing the beauty of God’s creation while being still.

As a Professor I am required to spend a certain number of hours lecturing and instructing students for a variety of psychology courses. As a guest teacher in elementary or high schools, I deal with whatever subject matter needed for that particular classroom. Even when working as a mental health professional, I need to instruct clients as well as ask questions. Once I do so, I can find key answers to help diagnose the client’s challenges and needs.

In whatever realm I working in, and when off duty, I have found this statement to be true. “It is important to take time to be quiet”. The fact is we can not listen well when we are talking. I realize it is difficult at times to be still and hear what is being taught. Yet we know, as busy as we are, and as noisy as the world is, the importance of taking time to be quiet is critical for peace of mind. Is that reality being forgotten? The choice is up to us. What do we believe, do we need permission to take time to be quiet?

Shall we join the noisy crowd, contributing by making even more sounds, or shall we take time to be quiet and hear the sounds of natures gentle breeze, and birds singing contently in the trees? Can we hear the whisper of a still small voice calling us to surrender to the peaceful walk found only in the secret place when we are quiet? Is it time to listen? Can we, shall we, take time to be quiet? The choice is ours.


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