Soaring to New Heights?

faith at the ocean 8-12“Mom, Look What I Can Do. Faith Preparing to Soar!”

Soaring to new heights seems like an impossible feat, especially if we just took a nasty nose dive. After a bad experience like that and feeling very low, we may question if we can ever see above the curb again.

When facing disappointments and the circumstances aren’t looking good, shall we keep trying to force the issue? Do we keep going or stop and re-evaluate? In the process of reconsidering a situation, it is important to remember ‘fear of failure’ could be part of the problem that keeps us from trying again.

Perhaps we suddenly developed a fear of heights? After all, who really wants to soar to new heights? I heard it is lonely at the top, and I don’t want to be lonely. Also, it takes a lot of energy to do anything, even soaring, as we grow older. When we are out of shape, get too tired, perhaps even a little depressed, then add past failures that invade our memories, we still have to make an important decision. Is it too late to even try to fly once again?

After all, does anyone even know what happens when we get to the top after all that soaring? Where is the top located anyway? Does anyone know what we are suppose to do when we arrive? Wouldn’t it be sad if we crossed all the valleys, climbed all the mountains, and finally reached our destination only to find out that there was nothing there but one more Walmart and McDonald’s? I realize they have their value and place, but there, really? That would be challenging to say the least.

To help clarify the terminology, “soaring to new heights” we could add a picture of hot air balloons. Visual aids seem to be helpful. Each individual has a different perspective to be defined by their personal experience and desires. Physically speaking, to soar would require external help, energy, combined with a plan of action, and a total commitment. I love to soar internally, where my emotions are free to dream big dreams, dare to make changes, with then use wisdom to count the cost before I attempt to jump off another cliff and begin a new adventure.

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