Short and sweet

DSC03122Here today, gone tomorrow, somethings in life a very fragile

Realizing life is short, and somethings really are fragile, I have to accept the fact so am I. Looking at the clock, only three minutes to count down. How fast can I write this? I find that once again I am trying to fit too many things into one small time frame. When we know we only have a few minutes to say, or do something, how do we react? For some, they may glitch,others totally freeze up, a few can not even think straight or become paralyzed with fear. There are those who say way too much and do not make any sense whatsoever. Surprisingly there are a few who who watch as the time passes and the urgency settles, waiting to see what will happen next.

As for me, I just finished a great job and am celebrating the fact those who were working with me did an excellent job. Now I am thankful for new opportunities that have arose and yet remind myself to look closely at the circumstances, take time to count the cost, and determine if I truly want to commit to a new project with that dynamic.

I have found when I am asked to make a decision and I only had a few minutes, hours, days or weeks, to be committed, I firmly believe it is best to stop and evaluate what I am seriously being asked to accomplish and for how long. I know the importance and the pain at times for saying two short but powerful words, “I Do!”

I do not want to say I do if I do not really want to do what would be required of me. I asked students today to “Do the Math”…. How many of us fail to do our own math? Remember the cost/benefit ratio concept? I am a firm believer in running the numbers, knowing what are the expenses, in time and money before saying ‘Yes’ to anything. It is important to truly evaluate where we are on a continual basis. What are our resources, psychologically. emotionally, physically and spiritually, and do we have enough to accomplish the task? It matters not the time of day, before stepping out in a new direction, let us stop and listen within ourselves, for there lies our answers.

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