Sharing Space


These amazing trees have grown together as they persevered the elements of time. Planted long ago, it was determined they would share their space as they began to reach for the sky. Their roots became deeply meshed and intermingled. They quickly spread throughout the soil looking for nourishment and water. As time passed, each stood alone, triumph over all the challenges of wind and storms. Basking in sunshine, they celebrate the life they were created to become.

We also may have others in our life that are planted next to us and share our space. Together, our roots continue to grow deeper as we seek nourishment for our body and soul. Although we are very unique and individual beings, just as each of these trees represent, we also are intermingled in the hearts and minds of others. Together we too may blossom, basking in the warmth of the sun, while enjoying the beauty of life all around us.

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