Shall We Acquire More, Accomplish More, and Know More?

Roman 1st birthday partyA BRAVE NEW SOUL FREE TO ROAM

In a world where we are continually driven to acquire more, accomplish more, and know more, I wonder when we can actually say we are finished. As I reflect on times past I see from the very beginning we are on a mission.

First we learn how to roll over, sit up, crawl, pull ourselves up, and eventually begin to walk, if we are blessed with good health and normal development. Once we past those milestones we are also learning how to communicate, verbally and non-verbally. Hopefully we are taught good social skills, as well as morals that will help us along life’s journey.

As we enter into the educational system we will be taught not only the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, we also begin a new adventure dealing with peers. I have the great opportunity as one in the mental health profession as well as an instructor, to observe a variety of ages as they move along in their individual process. I find it amazing to see the same behavior with many adults, although somewhat more sophisticated.

I will equate life with those who are required to be in close quarters with others on a continual basis as some who are living in a large play pen. The residents include newborns that can do nothing but sleep or cry to let their needs be known. During the developmental process there are others who have learned how to sit up, crawl around and in the process can reach out towards another child and steal the pacifier out of their mouth and claim it as their very own. Of course, wailing will pursue from the victim, stirring up the other little ones to join in all with hope of adult intervention.

There are those in the mix that accidently throw up on someone’s favorite blanket, or takes another’s teddy bear insisting they adopted it as their own. The meek and mild will quietly watch; content to suck their thumb or a baby bottle. For those with stinky diapers, they don’t seem to mind, although their companions will think ill of their aroma. Of course there are those who are successful to pull themselves up, while strengthening their legs and secretly dreaming of the day they walk all by themselves. For the brave at heart, the time will come when they figure out how to climb over the netting and escape the confinement of the playpen, finally free to explore the big giant world out and beyond.

For some of those on the loose, with new found freedom, look around and being scared decide they want back in. As they attempt to climb over the top, and fling their body over the edge there can be casualties to those below during their landing. Others who are ready to go out in to the brave new world will begin to toddle off, normally corralled by one who is more mature.

We are all growing up in one way or the other. As we do, we will be adding more skills and talents to our lives as we venture forth. At times when we move too fast, lose our balance or fall down we may need a helping hand. As we mature we finally realize that life is always in constant motion. To be healthy and succeed we must be continually moving in one way or the other, while regrouping or advancing full speed ahead. For such is life, with all the more to see, more to hear and more to enjoy.

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