Seven minutes to share

You only have seven minutes to share what is on your heart; that’s it! If that is taken literally, what could be said in seven minutes? Perhaps one would say, “I am sorry.” Another might express their love and concerns with family members or other loved ones. Some might think it would be wiser not to convey anything. I remember a time when I watched a love one preparing to go into surgery. I didn’t know if they were going to make it or not. I only had a few moments to share what could have been the last words I would ever say. To my surprise their response was, “Well, if I don’t make it, it was nice knowing you!” Wow! Nice knowing you? That was it? I was taken back and questioned if that was the appropriate thing to say, especially since it may have been the last time we ever spoke. Here is a great example of times when we really do not know what to share. How can we actually talk about our deepest thoughts and emotions? Should we wait until we only have a few minutes, or find ourselves in a life or death situation?

I don’t think we should. It can be difficult to talk about things other than the weather. Knowing this reality, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”, we may all say things we regret sooner or later. Fueled with passion, fear, sorrow or pain, we can become judgmental and create hidden resentments in our hearts. I realize what may be in my heart, good or bad, may not be the same emotion experienced by another. I understand different dynamics come in to play in relationships and communication. Now as I embrace the work of a Heart Mender I also understand healing takes place as we get to the heart of the matter, addressing issues that created pain in the first place. Many times our awareness of those issues are buried in the subconscious due to the painful circumstances experienced in the past. With a broken heart and other multifaceted challenges, protective walls are erected, masks applied, and pretenses performed for all to see.

The good news is that in a mere seven minutes, love can tear down those walls, masks can be removed, healing can take place and relationships can be restored. Time is an amazing gift. For some it is said, “Time heals all wounds.” In addition, I proclaim there are moments when giving someone precious time just to listen, time to reflect, time to be real, and time to heal, can be the most amazing and awesome gift we can ever give to each other, even if it is only seven minutes.

One thought on “Seven minutes to share

  1. Your example of a loved one’s last words before going in for surgery illustrates that we humans have an innate fear of death, and some of us have come to terms with it, while others in the room have not. The fear of death is usually a taboo topic of conversation at the dinner table. Talking about it, perhaps in therapy, can help us overcome that fear and move on with our lives. Isn’t that amazing? Talking about our fears can cure our fears!

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