Reading the Signs?

20160211_165408“Life Guard Off Duty- Save Yourself”

Although we may notice the signs, hear the sirens, see the red flags waving, we still have the freedom to ignore all of them! Knowing that, it is good to ask, why would we purposefully charge into a place we were cautioned to stay away from? Why do we at times, continue going down a path even when we see a sign posted, “Bridge out, road closed”?

We may have been d-sensitized to the reality we live in a cold harsh environment. If that is the case, it is time to increase our awareness. It is important to remember there are only a few things that actually separate us from the cold nights or hot summer days.

Although a lifeguard generally relates to issues in water, in this context it is referring to life in general. Are we depending on another to guard our lives? As we recognize we are responsible for our choices we can begin creating safe zones and boundaries. In them we can enjoy resting, taking time to recuperate from hard work, or other issues as needed, then move forward  to accomplish our goals.

Within those objectives we can celebrate life and embrace the freedoms we hold; ever responsible for ourselves, then others as appropriate.

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