Reading the menu or enjoying the banquet?

132Focusing on the goal, making decisions, capture the moment.

Most spend their lives reading the menu instead of enjoying the banquet. True or false? How many actually take time to read anything of substance, even if it is a menu. Perhaps we just look at pictures and hope the food served will look similar to the photo.

When referring to the banquet of life and all the colorful items on display, are we free to take time to observe and acknowledge the vast amount of experiences that are available? There may be times when we are too tired to make a decision due to over stimulation, after all, there are so many things to choose from.

What movie to watch, what book to read, what activity would be fun to participate in with family or friends? There are so many decisions we must make every day for a variety of reasons. Many report it is difficult to make a commitment for one thing, knowing if they do, they also made a commitment not to do something else during that time.

To be free to choose gives us the opportunity to be unique in a world filled with anxiety, fear of missing out, and people who are addicted to distractions! Are we willing to enjoy the banquet of life, or continue to hide in isolation, being too afraid to even look at what is on the real menu. Choose life!

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