SUMMER 09 170Playing while mixing colors I always surprise myself while having fun!

Loving art and being a member of a artist group, I was invited to enter some artwork in the county fair a few years ago. I was asked to enter some of my art this year so I committed to enter an abstract (any medium) this year. We were instructed to take our paintings on Sunday to the fair grounds where a committee will hang them and then judge everyone’s artwork. Here is a perfect example of procrastinating. Although I started working on a  picture earlier that is to be entered, I set it aside and put off finishing it. Now I have approximately  thirty six hours to be creative, complete the work, and then make sure the paint is dry before I submit it to judges.

Procrastination robs energy, both mentally and emotionally, from all of us. One way we can know we are putting something off is to recognize re-occurring thoughts that enter our mind about a particular situation. (Like I need to get my art work done before Sunday!) These thoughts remind us we have unfinished business that needs our attention.

When we procrastinate, we just think about things we need to do but don’t do anything about it. Do we  ever wonder how much energy is spent just thinking about something vs. doing it? While we are “just” thinking, our heart is continually beating, our eyes are working to help us see, and we may be wasting our breath.

Therefore, when we are stuck in a certain “stall mode”, we are spinning our wheels and wasting precious resources of strength. Awareness of the fact we are being robbed of energy can be a good motivation to stop procrastinating. There are many reasons we might put off doing something, or we don’t want to deal with a situation at the moment.There will always be great ideas or justifications to try to convenience ourselves we don’t really procrastinate, we will take care of business later, better yet, first thing in the morning.

Time for a reality check. Do you ever find yourself saying, “I will do that tomorrow”, when you knew you had no intention to do so? Knowing you would rather do anything else instead of “that”, a choice is made; that choice is to procrastinate one more time.I have searched many calendars and have not found one that has “Tomorrow” on it. Therefore, whatever is put off until tomorrow is lost in never never land, for tomorrow does not come.

Are you being robbed of time and money by your choices? It is time we don’t put off dealing with our stuff and procrastination any longer! For help contact me for a free consultation.

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