Procrastinating About Procrastinating?


Now We Can Stop Procrastinating!

Have you ever bought a book about procrastination and thought you would read it later? I have several times. I wonder will anyone ever read the book I wrote about it? I know one thing for sure, no one could if I didn’t finish writing it. It would be sad to work hard writing a book for months and months, even years and then procrastinate at the very end and never finish the last chapter. Especially a book about procrastination. In my case, I finally finished it, then procrastinated about marketing it. It doesn’t do anyone any good to have my books stashed in a box under the bed. Someday I am going to learn how to do the social media thing, and then I will know how to market the book, right?

I wonder how many thousands of authors have books that they have written, some that is incredible literature for our time, yet their work is lying around in pieces here and there. Why? Because they could not or did not follow through and complete their job. It takes commitment, and hard work to stick with a project until it is finished. It is not easy to follow through, for many reasons. If you are building a house, writing a book, or painting a picture, it is no of no value unless it is completed. No one likes to read a book without an ending.

Whether it is a hammer and one nail, a line in a paragraph, or one stroke of the brush, you are still making progress. The old saying a quitter never wins and a winner never quits is true, therefore we cannot give up. Whatever you are attempting to do, realize it is a process. When feeling overwhelmed and don’t know how you are going to get time to finish, remind yourself of this simple answer. Just do the next thing, when you are finished with that, just do the next thing. Don’t look at all the stuff that needs to be done, just look at that which is front of you and do the next thing. The task at hand is what is important and keep moving forward.

At times life gets in the way of our plans and things may be put on hold. That is different from procrastinating. The key is not to stop completely. One way success is defined is, “Getting up one more time than falling down”. Another way to view life is “keep moving toward the goal”. Remember, there are times, we have to give ourselves permission to rest and regroup.

It is possible there are times when we need to get assistance with a coach, counselor or minister to address certain areas in life where we need additional help. The main thing is not to put off, or give up, when we are in the process of completing a project or mission. There are times when we can’t get motivated to do anything, and other times we push ourselves to the point of exhaustion. When we do either we become unproductive. At that point, everything is affected, relationships can be strained and job productivity is lowered.


When we decide we are not going to procrastinate any longer we have to stay balanced. Fear of procrastinating may cause overreaction where we become driven. Trying to do everything we may suffer the loss of enjoyment for that which we are in the process of accomplishing. As you and I continue to move forward, we need wisdom and balance in our lives. We will then be able to do the things we procrastinated doing, and when necessary, we can be content doing nothing. Those are the best times to rest, relax and enjoy just being you.

This is a sample from my book “Pitfalls From Put-Off’s Memoirs of a Procrastinator that can be found on Amazon. Have you found you struggle with the issue of putting things off, procrastinate or delay accomplishing that which you desire? Contact me today for a free consultation.

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