Procrastination can take many forms, and delay any satisfaction of a job well done. What does it look like when we put-off taking care of business? What response do we get from others? How does it affect us emotionally and physically when we procrastinate?

“No pressure” she utters. What does THAT mean? Seriously, when someone wants to make a person panic, they only have to whisper “no pressure” as they quietly exit a room. Let’s take a step out of the “de-pressurized” shoes. Take a quick glance at what physical symptoms happen when someone negates words, with what you know is a falsehood, as soon as it leaves the lips of the fibber.

Hot Flash: Like you have been caught un- prepared on the verge of a conference where you are the key note speaker.

Increased Heart Rate: Does this count as my daily ration of cardio? Seriously I want to know!

Dry Mouth: Sally Sees Sea Shells Down by the Sea Shore. Does anyone have some water?

Classic Fight or Flight Syndrome: This is all due to a one word experience called “STRESS.”

If you find you are a victim of any of these circumstances maybe a little too often for comfort, I invite you to follow me into a new journey. Let’s explore the life of the procrastinator and see if it looks similar to ours. It is amazing to see all the stress that we create for ourselves as well as others. Even though we may be in denial, and at the last minute say there is “no pressure”, we all know we are lying to ourselves, and in truth, WE could be the fibbers.

No matter how many times I teach about procrastination, or the fact I wrote a book about it, I still can get frustrated when I know I put off doing something and it cost me more time and money in the long run. What is the answer? Awareness is the first step towards change. It is a long process to go from the acknowledgement of a situation to actually stopping an undesirable behavior.

Working toward a goal with the help of others is a powerful tool toward achieving a desired outcome. Having a coach or accountability partner is a very valuable asset that will bring great results. Contact me for a free consultation.

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